“You need a “rubbered-in” track for supersoft tyres”

Monte Carlo... In some ways, it was the beginning of my greatest period in Formula 1. I raced there twelve times, and immediately I was able to understand the exceptional difference that the drivers can make on that circuit.

My début was memorable: in 1990, with Tyrrell-Ford and with Pirelli tyres that enabled me to fly in qualifiers and arrive only one second behind the winner, Senna. The next year, I was on the podium again: 3rd with Ferrari behind Senna and Mansell.

As everyone knows, the racetrack of the Principality is one which rewards the set-up more than the power of the engine. A good aerodynamic load makes the difference in corners, which make up almost all of the 3.3 km track. But the tyres are also key! Pirelli will take the supersoft P Zero Rosso tyres to Monte Carlo, which can offer a huge advantage in terms of performance. But on the still dirty and barely rubbered-in Thursday track, sometimes the advantages of this type of tyre aren't always visible for long. We have to wait for the well rubbered-in Saturday track, and even more so, that of Sunday, and the race, to fully appreciate the advantages. A set of Supersofts in excellent condition for the last phase of the Grand Prix can offer the boost needed for an important result.